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Sustainable tourism

Tourism is changing. And this is obviously because society changes. Today the tourist is more aware than before of the care they must have with the environment when visiting a vacation spot.

As the editor of Blue & Green Tomorrow Magazine says, the policy of “leave only your footprints, take only photographs” is increasingly necessary.

This and many more things about sustainability, this magazine tells us in its Guide to Sustainable Tourism, where many leaders of the travel and tourism sector. The Association of Independent Tourism Operators, the Council for Sustainable Global Tourism and ABTA, detail how a wonderful vacation can be perfectly associated with caring for the planet and its people.

Within the Guide you will be able to know places as exotic as Vietnam, Cambodia and the Faroe Islands and find out how sustainable tourism is playing a fundamental role in their communities.

Those who prefer closer destinations will meet a charitable organization that works to transform important architectural buildings into tourist accommodation, which is essential in sustainability. The Guide also lists several properties located in the UK through cottages4you, which are wonderful places for a country holiday.

Another section, written by Rachel Dodds, tells us about how you can be sustainably responsible in the city. And it also talks about 5 important cases of European destinations that are taking great steps towards sustainability.

On the magazine’s website they tell us that traveling allows us to get to know new cultures, people, communities and places. And that it would be a big mistake to think that our experience as tourists should be more important than caring for the environment that we encounter on our trip.

A change that favors sustainability in big cities is the segway. They work with electricity and do not consume any type of fuel, which means that you can move around without polluting. Big cities like Madrid usually have the problem of excessive pollution, which is very harmful to the environment and the people who are breathing this air every day. That is why a few years ago the circulation of cars that did not meet the minimum requirements to circulate through the center was prohibited.

For this reason, traveling by segway or bicycle helps to avoid excess smoke in the city. In addition, it will take less time to move in these vehicles than if you go by car, since parking in Madrid is a difficult task.

segway plaza de españa

If it is true that with covid19 there are many people who have decided to use public transport less (trains and buses) because a large number of people are concentrated at peak times. This has increased the use of bicycles, segways and electric scooters. The latter have been very well accepted by the public since moving around the city is more useful and comfortable than traveling by car and safer (with regard to covid19) than traveling by bus or metro.

At Segway Trip we believe that all the steps that can be taken based on the awareness of citizens in favor of caring for the environment, should be communicated and applauded.