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The Wonders in the Recreational areas of Madrid

parque europa Madrid

Madrid is one of the few places in the world where spectacular resources bless the city and always attract tourists for visits.

There are many ideal areas full of entertainment, leisure and relaxation opportunities. As a result, there is always an influx of visitors to and fro such areas at different times.

Available are various features which attract such tourists coupled with management services offered in there. The following is an examination of some of the recreational areas and what they have in place for tourists and any other leisure-seekers:

Madrid Zoo Aquarium     

This mighty tourist hotspot is located in Casa de Campo. It has a lot of attractions for tourists and once they are there, most of them enjoy so much that they always go back whenever they have an opportunity. Below are the factors that make this area worthy of touring:

  • It has an amusement park; and as the statement asserts, people really amuse themselves whenever they make a visit there. Luckily enough their arrangements cater for families implying that every age group finds what is worthy for them to view.
  • The aquarium part of the park is so spectacular. You can´t miss it when you are on a visit.
  • There are over 500 different varieties of animals including big ones such as lions, bears, rhinos, giraffes and many other popular ones.
  • The pandas are the star animal attractions and they greatly thrill the visitors.

Fantastic shows

  • There are fantastic shows with dolphins and other birds from across the globe
  • The wonderful park has all the animals in the world ranging from tiny insects to big sharks, amphibians, reptiles all sorts of mammals, many other types of fish and the rest.
  • Visitors also enjoy wonderful animal shows.
  • Other than attractions, the organizational and management part of the park is also creditworthy because there is a playing area for the children, visitors have good guidance and professional staff directs every aspect to the appreciation of those who come to the area to enjoy stress-free moments.

Anyone wishing to have good time off the daily strenuous life of work will find the Madrid zoo Aquarium quite fulfilling and will go back refreshed. It has a lot to feed the mind on and usher one’s mind into a revitalized state to resume the work routine.


This is one of the biggest and attractive feature-packed parks in Madrid. It has a wonderful zoo and a great garden for visitors to feed on optically. It is greatly entertaining to family members of all ages. The following rank it highly in attracting visitors there:

  • It exploits a special approach and focuses on unique species of animals to keep. This works greatly for adventure-loving visitors and makes Faunia a must visit.
  • In its unique selection of what to show to the visitors, it has a lake with pink flamingoes – a really wonderful sight when you find them scattered in the area.
  • There also other colorful birds and odd-looking reptiles which give a lot of fun to the viewers.
  • It shelters animals from the North and South Poles in the largest reconstructed Polar Ecosystem in Europe.

A unique park

  • The focus is mainly on birds, reptiles and insects as the sources of attraction, but all uniquely identified.
  • Amusing to look at also are the colorful parrots which enjoy the park tropical rain. They are such a good sight to all the visitors whom opportunity lands in this park.
  • Then there are spectacular shows by sea lions performing in their arena. This is one of the best experiences in the park which most tourists enjoy greatly. It is a thrilling sight and quite enjoyable by people of all ages.
  • This park is unique in that it has both indoor and outdoor experiences in terms of what to show to the visitors.
  • It also avails bar and restaurant services with exterior seats.
  • Then worth mentioning is that there are specific areas for night adventures in terms of attractions.

Faunia is a great tourist ground for any one coming to Madrid to have good time as a way of relaxing the mind.

Europa Park in Torrejon de Ardoz

parque europa Madrid

This is the largest park and recreational ground in Torrejon de Ardoz. There´s a lot of tourist attractions. It is creditworthy when it comes to what type of visitors it hosts because it is has fun packages for families, friends and any other set of humankind. It is also commendable for free entry offer as well as being open till late at night. The following are the outstanding attractions available in this place:

  • There are famous monuments which are 17 in number relating to different places in Europe as their replicas. With each replica is a description referring to the original monument. Among others are the Belem Tower, the Greek Theatre, Brandedburg Gate, Tower Bridge, the Trevi Fountain, The Eiffel Tower and many others. These are an exclusive sight that gives tourism to this place great weight.
  • Then there is a cybernetic fountain which is a sophisticated way of putting on water, light and sound in form of a show, a quite impressive sight.

History is also present

  • Not to miss viewing also is the free donation by Berlin City Hall of a fragment of the Berlin wall. It is attractive enough to look at.
  • The park is well-maintained, typical of modern Europe tourist site style.
  • It is an ideal spot for picnics owing to the availability of restaurants, a number of activities for the whole family such as a boating lake, zip wire, pony rides, trampolines and many others.
  • It offers many opportunities for an enjoyable leisure time as well as many other adventures anyone would love to enjoy in the set-aside relaxation time.

Generally, this is a great area to include in touring plans by people who wish to have a great experience in one of the Madrid hotspots for tourism.

Warner Park

A short ride from the center of Madrid aboard Renfe Trains will land you in this park. On reaching, just be ready for exciting experiences such as the following:

  • Thrilling water rides is one of the enjoyable experiences in this park.
  • It also has great photo spots for those who enjoy capturing what they experience for purposes of memory.
  • The park offers an attractive decoration and full of activities and shows.
  • There is also a special show by the police academy which is so entertaining and enjoyable.
  • Worth mentioning also is the availability of an amusement park for children and teenagers. Suitable activities are organized there for them to enjoy.

Transport available

  • Visitors there also enjoy delicious food and a variety of drinks according to one’s choice.
  • The whole tour package is very conveniently set and is inclusive of transport.
  • Their staff team is so responsible and friendly that no disappointments are experienced in dealing with them.

Warner Park has that much and more to offer. It is a nice place to tour and is that good that people of all ages are catered for. Try it and partake of that good experience.


This is yet another spectacle of Madrid. It is the biggest water park, with 12 attractions including a perfectly large green area where visitors can relax and enjoy the fresh air. It has a lovely setting and good temperatures which visitors will not curse. Its location close to Navacerrada mountain ranges is an additional advantage that places it comfortably among worthy places to tour.

The factors below are of great importance in its position as a tourist site:

  • The most outstanding of its attractions are the water rides that float the boats and are categorized as snaking flume or Black Hole which is enjoyed by the most adventurous tourists who don’t fear being in the state of unknown. It involves riding at a great speed and while submerged in the deepest darkness. However it is an enjoyment to many especially those who go with a companion.
  • The other form of boat ride is one done in the tranquility of the slow river. This is enjoyed by a certain category of people also especially those who never like madness scenes in life. They want to enjoy the ride amidst calmness.
  • Then there is the superfast ride that makes the adrenaline to shoot to the highest. This also involves some craziness and is enjoyed by those who want life that way.

A place to rest 

  • There are also zigzag slides for children and a specially prepared area for the young ones under 10 years. Activities that suit them and give them pleasure are organized so that that they get the best from their day out experience.
  • The mighty wave pool also is an impressive attraction to tourists. It gives those who bathe a satisfying experience tantamount to having bathed in the sea. Alongside this is a great beach, large in size and with a wonderful décor typical to Hawaiian sceneries. All these instill a sense of comfort and relaxation among the visitors.
  • There are sunbeds for visitors to rest on as they enjoy the warm sun rays by the waterside. All these and many more make life worthwhile in this place.
  • Foods are available as well as beverages; so there is no need to worry about that aspect because different visitors’ tastes are catered for.

You can´t miss Aquopolis when considering pleasure-giving places in Madrid. It has a lot to offer for visitors and tourists who come seeking psychological nutrition. Those who have had an opportunity to visit that park have never reversed their decision to go there again. 

Aventura Amazonia    

This is one the greatest adventure parks that tourists have enjoyed spending their leisure time in. Located among the trees, it has a lot for visitors to cherish. The features that have made it one other spots worth considering as a tour destination include the following:

  • The mountains and woodlands are great tourism assets which attract people there. There is a good number of these and they affect the climate there, meaning among other enjoyable things in this place is the good climate.
  • There is a beautiful park with trees and snow. These make it an enjoyable experience to the visitors.
  • There are also activities with rope adventure which are quite thrilling and they include zip lines and rope circuits.
  • The children’s rope circuit is quite a wonder.

Proffessional staff

  • People also enjoy swimming in natural mountain streams which gives great pleasure to adults as well as young ones. Alongside these are open air swimming pools as well. Therefore one makes a choice that rhymes with his/her preferences.
  • Those who want to enjoy a picnic experience as well as others who find pleasure in going up to tree tops are free.
  • The park can also offer places for birthday parties since there are ideal facilities for such.
  • Finally the committed, attentive and professional staff contributes to the visitors’ enjoyment of the place.

When one is identifying worthy recreational grounds to make a tour destination, this adventure park should not be left out. It has nice packages for their visitors to derive a great time from the trip.


Madrid’s fame does not rotate on just an aspect but a number of them. When it comes to recreational areas, this city is just rich! There are many spectacular sights within the city center or just outside it.

They all lie within the vicinity and moreover, the transport system is so good; considering a network of trains available, and many other transport means, which make the city areas one small village. Therefore leisure-seekers can never regret their decision once they make Madrid their dream destination for their tours.

There is a variety of attractions to enjoy in different places. There are good opportunities for families, couples, friends and any other set of humankind who want enjoy thrilling trips.