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The Local Festivals Of San Lorenzo Del Escorial

Traveling, A Never-Ending Journey

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Welcome To Spain

The entire world is lovely, and all, but some of its regions are more breathtaking and natural, this makes them definitely worth seeing. One of those “must visit” countries turns out to be Spain.

Yes, Spain is a thriving country overflowing with fascinating culture and traditions. It has a population of over 46.56 million and Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language including native and non-native speakers. What’s more is that Spanish is the most romantic of the three romance languages, as they say.

A community that enjoys life

The Spanish community is known to have the most significant number of human rights as compared to all the world. The citizens enjoy many benefits here and have highly valued rights.

One of the most amazing things about Spain is that there is always some kind of fiesta or festival going on. So even if you haven’t planned explicitly for being part of a grand celebration, don’t worry, you’re most probably gonna be part of one anyway.


This country has a Mediterranean climate overall. It has a lot of dry breezes and rainfall during the winter season. Since the weather is mild, it is suitable for tourists coming from all corners of the globe.

Tourist Attractions

It is famous for its skyscrapers, historical monuments, and evergreen traditions and culture. Even if you’ve never heard of Spain much before, you must have heard of its Tomatina festival, Paella Valencia,, and fiestas.

Few Very Common Features Of Spain

Well, the names cannot be self-introductory If you don’t know what they mean. So, here is a small explanation:

-Tomatina Festival

The Tomatina festival is a tomato-throwing festival. Sounds weird at first, but its a very fun international level food fight. It became famous for being a unique festival. Nowadays it is celebrated on a more significant level, and there are limited tickets.

-Paella Valencia And Local Festivities

Paella Valencia is a very famous Spanish cuisine. Other parties and celebrations aside, this country is brimming with countless fiestas. These fiestas are to celebrate saints and patrons.

Spain is also widely famous for its Tapas, La Siesta, La Fiesta, Flamenco and more.

-Tapas, La Siesta, And Flamenco

To put all in a very brief introduction, Tapas is a unique style of eating. Many bars are here and there all over Spain. In fact, It has the worlds largest wine production. La Siesta is an afternoon nap quite common in the Mediterranean. Flamenco is a collection of historical Spanish dances, songs, and traditional cuisines.

Spain has a very sociable culture, and everyone enjoys festivities a lot. There can hardly be a week in which there is no celebration. Being part of such enjoyment seems fun right?

One person, one lifetime and a whole world with over 204 countries to discover. That’s a lot of traveling. However, that does not mean that you’ll never be able to enjoy all the wonders of the world. You just need to look in the right place. So, if we narrow our search a bit further, we’ll get to know that in Spain there are as many local festivals to enjoy as there are the international ones.

Owner Of The Captivating Beauty And Architecture, Madrid


san lorenzo del escorial


This country’s capital is one of the places you have to put in your list of “must visit once in life.” This entire country is worth visiting; however, most of its beauty remains secluded in its capital, Madrid. The capital offers aesthetic beauty and beautiful traditional cultures. One of the things that make this place a great tourist attraction is that you can relive all sorts of historical moments here.

The city is notorious for being on a full on party even at nights. However, the days also share the same glory not letting the nights take the spotlight. 

You can choose to experience the feeling of being a royal, or you can visit all their traditional cultures having the same glory today as they did in the past.

Madrid has a lot of year to year and monthly festivals. When touring a country, festivals are a great way to see the nation shine at its brightest peaks of excitement and liveliness.

Fiestas are the most common way of celebration you’ll be seeing all over Spain. Most of these are religious fiesta dedicated to a saint patron. But it does not even get close to being boring. So you’re gonna enjoy all of these like any other party. The people come out on the streets and have fun with delicious foods, expensive wines, and commemoration songs.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, A Town In Madrid

Madrid has a town located in its municipality called San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The city is also known as El Escorial de Arriba. It is situated in thenorthwest region of the southwestern side of Siera de Guadarrama.

It’s most prominent building is the Monastery, it also has a Villa and a beautiful Royal Palace.

This town has a lot of pubs, bars and charming streets that shine most brightly during a fiesta. The celebrations here have a sole purpose of enjoyment and having a good time. All the people are welcoming to anyone who wishes to join. You can join in and have fun just as you are with your very own familia. Eating tapas at bars, drinking soothing natural drinks, traditional dances are all like the heart of the celebration.

Fiestas De Agosto (The Festivals Of August)

August is here. And in this month many specials fiestas are awaiting you. Including the gigantic Tomatina coming up, there are loads of local holidays and fiestas here too.

The heat intensifies, and hence there are proper arrangements for that too. The streets light up, there are dances, songs and not to mention delicious food and free lemonade. Here is the list of the upcoming fiestas, brace yourself for the unlimited fun:

-San Cayetano

San Cayetano, also known as Saint Cajetan festival is a commemoration to the Saint Cajetan. This fiesta marks the beginning of an upcoming line of celebrations. The streets all over Spain are a sight to see. However, they have the most life during such moments. The roads are beautifully decorated. People hang lanterns outside their house and terraces.

The lanterns are specially made with a Spanish style. This festival is from 7 – 8 of August. It has a bunch of activities to enjoy. Namely concerts, children’s activities, beers and more.

The Sunday market is hosted in the famous plaza, Plaza Del Cascorro, which is situated in the La Latina neighborhood. It is a charming plaza, one that shows the taste of architecture of the Español. Here the creative and unique architecture makes it a memorable view. It is a bustling little plaza, very easy to locate in La Latina neighborhood.

Many bars restaurants enriches the tourist offer. In addition to a well-kept building and one of those things you’ll like undoubtedly.

The Ambassadors have cut the acts of San Cayetano to a little number. The reason behind this was to increase the time for the growing activities of the next fiesta, the Saint Lawrence festival.

-San Lorenzo

The second fiesta succeeding San Cayetano is the San Lorenzo fiesta. In English, it is termed as the Saint Lawrence festival.

The bars are open to all the people; to the citizens and foreigners. They serve the traditional tapas there along with rare Spanish wines. They are very hospitable people, so you’ll find yourself at home in no time. There is a free give away of lemonade almost in every fiesta. If you’re looking for major fun, don’t miss out on this one!

The Saint Lawrence festival is held from 8 to 10th of August. The celebration features all the similar treats including dances, music, street theaters and the love of all – Food! The, however, is taken by the lemonade distribution here. And there is a free lemonade give away in the morning from 8pm to 11pm.

The musical show takes place in Calle Argumosa. It is a very famous street in the Lavapies Area.

-Verbena de La Paloma

It is known as the most famous festival in Madrid. It takes place from August 12 to 15. This celebration honors the Virgin Of The Dove/Virgen de La Paloma. The entire celebration occurs in the La Latina neighborhood. All the squares light up and cheer. The tapas, bars, and dances are at their peak.

There is a Zarazuela held on the streets. The main stage is located in the Jardines de La Vistillas. It is a Spanish drama in which the songs and acting explain the story. Elections are held to select the lead roles. The people from the age of 16 to 40 can stand as a candidate for the role.


All the people dress up in chulapas and enjoy the evening dances while drinking, dancing and merrymaking. The chulapas are, well let us get a bit historical overview. In the 1800s, the residents of Madrid Villa were termed as chulapas and chulapos. Chulapa is the male term for a man, and Chulapo is the feminine term for a woman.

In these important festivals, people of Spain dress up in the chulapa costumes and enjoy dances in the fiesta. The dress is made of plain cloth, having polka dots on it. A manila shawl goes along with it. It is embroidered with flowers and other lovely Spanish motives. The Manila shawl is available in a variety of colors, but the traditional ones are either red, white or black in color.

Woman tie a white kerchief on the top of their head with a white or red carnation. The other components of the chulapo dress include black trousers, a white shirt and a printed grey vest with stripes. Besides that, men wear a white kerchief around their necks and a cap.  The red carnation is wore sticking out from the pocket of the vest.

The traditional Choti dances are done as all the people dance wearing their chulapas.

Where to celebrate

The main celebration of Verbena de La Paloma takes place in the Plaza de La Paja, Plaza de La Vistilla, Calle Toledo and the parish church of Verbena de La Paloma. All this merrymaking and toasting does not come to an end here. There will be other local and national festivals and carnival awaiting you every month. So don’t miss out on Madrid cause its got all the freshest entertainment for you.

Segway Trip

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What you´ll get

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