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Discover the Secrets of these Historic Cities near Madrid

ciudad de toledo

ometimes one may have Madrid in mind as a dream destination for a tour, yet he or she is not sure where exactly to go.

We suggest you to discover the Secrets of these Historic Cities near Madrid.

The unasked but obvious question has the answer in the following cities which are in the neighborhood of Madrid. You are sure to enjoy the best optical nutrition as you will discover from this piece of writing.


This is an autonomous community of Castile La Mancha. It is a city and municipality which is found in Central Spain.

This city enjoys reputation as a world Heritage site. Declared by UNESCO  in 1986 due to the availability of great cultural and monumental valuables that are ideal for tourist attraction. Its fame as a place worth travelling to, rotates around the presence of the following:

Wonderfully constructed palaces, fortresses, churches, mosques and synagogues which are eye-catching wonders for someone who wants to shift his mind from the daily bothers of life and just enjoy things that are pleasing to the eyes and the mind.

An ancient city

  • It is rich in antiquities which are wonderful sights and worth visiting; the great Roman Bridge is one of them, then the Roman cave and many others.
  • There is the Great Cathedral, a large structure proudly seated on the top of a hill. It has much to present to the visitors much to their pleasure and these comprise the sparkling gold sculptures, paintings, all beautifully designed. The cathedral has a very attractive looking museum and that bell tower is awesome too.
  • There is another stunning museum; the museum of Victoria Macho which is also very good for tourists to tour. It is small and was constructed as a dedication to the local sculptor Victoria Macho. It is rich with ideal contents for visitors viewing. Its interior gallery is a great sight and its exterior gardens are a magnanimous relaxation asset for leisure-seekers.
  • The Alcazar which is a large square building is an exciting point to visit. It is artistically designed and a good stop-over spot for tourists. It looks across the river which attribute makes it more ideal for visiting.
  • The military barracks is also worth mentioning. It is an amusing sight as well and attracts the visitors’ attention.
  • Mirador del Valle is a fantastic viewing point which obliges tourist-carrying vehicles to make a stop-over for proper viewing of the city and the river; River Tajo to the pleasure of the visitors.

Toledo is a hotspot for tourism. It is an island which is surrounded by River Tajo on 3 sides making it more worthy for tourism.

It is small in size yet packed with good sights. Its size makes it good enough for one to explore on foot. It is so enjoyable at night when one is thrown into the fantasy of medieval times. Anyone on a tour in Madrid would not regret stepping out beyond the mighty city’s horizons a bit to enjoy what lies in Toledo.


This is another great one of the World Heritage cities. Lying peacefully in the outskirts of Madrid, Avila is famed far and near for its formidable medieval styled walls and structures.

The old city is well-fortified and looks awesome when viewed from a strategic point. One important foundation on which its popularity rotates is its identification with St Teresa, the patron saint of many kinds of things. A strong Roman Catholic prayer warrior who interceded for many hard-pressed people to the Holy Virgin Mary to intervene in their problems.

A number of attractions make Avila a fertile ground for tourism and these include the following:

A pilgrimage site

Los Cuatro Postes which was established after people had survived the 12th century plague, and having been noted as a spot where St Teresa stopped on her way to the South to strengthen Christianity in the Muslim community, henceforth became a visitors’ center.

Most visitors here come on religious belief grounds. Whether a believer or not, nobody does not want to be blessed.

  • Basilica de San Vicente is also a beautiful site of martyrdom of 3 Christians. It has within it the artistic decors on the pulpit, organs and martyrs cenotaph which are pleasing to the travellers’ eyes.
  • Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas is a brilliant Spanish national monument containing the beautifully designed tomb of Don Juan, the only son of Ferdinand II and Isabella I, renowned Catholic Monarchs. It is an attractive feature for visitors due to many good-looking designs inside there.
  • The Convent of Saint Teresa is another point that hosts many visitors; some with religious belief objectives and yet others for sightseeing and enjoyment motives. It is good and important enough to attract visitors there.
  • The Museum of Avila displaying ancient artisanal crafts like basket weaving and wool making and many other displays of the ancient life related to antique household, traditional attires and generally hinting on how people lived in the Golden Age. It also shows what the Muslim Crematory kiln looked like before the banning of cremation.
  • Credos Mountains are another feature available and valuable for touring. That 2500m peak is good for those to whom mountaineering is a hobby. The surrounding environment with oaks, birches and chestnut forest comprise a great fun viewing time.
  • It is also necessary to note that there is a savory cuisine prepared in the city. High protein-content delicious dishes are prepared there, stews, veal steak and enjoyable desserts are all availed to the esteemed visitors.

Avila is a place not to miss once one is perusing through and selecting places to give fun to the eyes. It is a wonderful destination for families because there are great tour packages for full families.


This recommendable tourist destination is located in Castile and Leon region not far from Madrid. It is renowned for having given shelter to a number of successive kings of Castile.

Then greatly attached to this city is the extraordinary historical monument, the Aqueduct, an admirable product of Roman engineering. Besides there are many features that make Segovia a commendable destination of tourists and other visitors.

A collection of well-conserved historical monuments

  • The general beauty of the place which make it impressive enough for touring.
  • There is a cathedral whose size and beauty announce it as a worthy place to visit for fun. This is located in Plaza Mayor. It is exquisitely designed in Renaissance Gothic style and bears a perfect museum as well in its interior.
  • The Calle Real is a street to check out; lined with a number of beautiful monuments especially palaces. They are so attractive and will undeniably instill a sense of pleasure to the tourists.
  • There is a national park as well in which there are impressive canyons along the river, then a rare sight of a large colony of vultures and many other types of birds.
  • There happens to be one of the most original castles in Spain lies here in Segovia.
  • La Ganja de san Ildefonso is a great place to visit. It is a national monument with impressive gardens that present fountains and sculptures which are admirable. It is a high status place with links to various generations of Spanish Royalty.
  • The food culture in Segovia is appreciable and dishes are suitable for multi-cultural background visitors expected there.

To crown all noted about Segovia, it is a warm place in terms of tourism and creditworthy in satisfying the visitors’ enjoyable moments they long to have when on a tour.


This city is famous as a Royal Estate. Anything to do with royalty has that power of comfort and enjoyment run after by tourists. The following are some of the strong points that make Aranjuez a worthy place to cherish one’s free time from.

Very near of Madrid

  • Having been a spring residence of Spanish Kings for over a century, it is obvious that it has an excellent outlook that enjoys full time conservation and time-to-time improvement. This implies that there are enough packages for tourists to enjoy. This is coupled with the fact that it is an ever ready ground for occasional festivals-Mariblanca. Therefore enjoying while paying a visit there is a sure deal.
  • Plaza de Toros is another great sight for tourists there. It is a magnificent building with a very high capacity of occupants. The general interior design is awesome and it has galleries as well which add to the amusement visitors attain.
  • The parks and gardens there also greatly contribute to the worthiness of the city as a tour center. There is the Isle garden which is good for relaxing in as the visitor takes a look at the bordering river and the irrigation canal. The Parterre Garden with its stunning fountains therein. It should not be left out that the presence of historical thicket, woodlands and a variety of tree species all make the place a hotspot for tourism.
  • Other spots of attraction include posh churches and convents, Charles III’s royal theatre, the Bullfighting museum and a cultural center.

All these and many others make Aranjuez pass for a tour spot and people who go there keep it bookmarked for future touring again because it loaded with amusement packages.

Alcala de Henares

This is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Madrid. It enjoys an advantage of easy accessibility through Cercanias train system.

The life there is a great way to escape the madness experienced in the busy and crowded city of Madrid  It is an attractive place for tourists and the following are some of the exclusive features that tourists would enjoy looking at in that city:

  • Complutense University, a wonderful university of the medieval ages is an attraction in that small city. It is a depiction of originality in construction and the design generally. There is a large student population in the area which makes the city lively and gives an opportunity to make friendships.
  • There is the magnificent chapel of San Ildefonso. It´s design is marveolus and serves as a burial ground for prominent figures of the University.
  • The Magisterial Cathedral lies where the two holy children-Santos Ninor Justo and Pastor- were buried. To view in amazement are the relics of these saints, currently the city patrons and protectors. All the canons of this cathedral are university lecturers.
  • Cervantes House Museum is also a great feature to view and displays a great variety of painting collections, artifacts and many more elements of décor.
  • Finally is the Regional Archaeological Museum which is a collection center of all the archaeological remains from the whole autonomous region of Madrid. It is therefore a very absorbing and engaging sight spot for visitors and tourists generally.

Alcala de Henares is a place of substance in the aspect of attracting people from outside communities. It´s the neighborhood where people want to come and relax for a short time to rest their brains and minds. Or those from afar, who come to enjoy vacations or adventures to see new places and new things there.

Whatever category, this city is open wide enough to receive them and hand them opportunities to enjoy themselves.


The historic cities near Madrid are all highly valued because of what they are endowed with both from mother-nature and man’s own creativity.

The many features highlighted above are great tourist attractions which people have often enjoyed whenever they come along. What is common to all these cities is the availability of medieval time items which are a real wonder to people who come from places where there isn’t much concern for things of the past. To them the world of history seems to have totally closed doors and they have to seek open ones in these cities and a few more places in the world.

Thanks to Madrilenos for their effort in conserving the historical traditions and cultures to the amusement of everyone globally.