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Get to know the top 10 underground bars in Madrid with a Segway

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New year, new resolutions, right? As it happens every year, once Christmas is over, we start setting new goals. If you’re one of those who’s afraid of new things, this is your year! Meet new bars, new ways to move — the world is yours!

And as we want to easily move from one bar to another, why not travel conveniently with a Segway? This will save us time and sweat.

So let’s take our Segways and start pursuing all these good goals by visiting Madrid’s best underground bars.


Las Cuevas de Sandó

Offering one of Madrid’s most sophisticated cocktail menus, this underground bar has excellent decoration with stunning stone arches, low furniture, and purple and green lighting.

Ice Bar
Boasting a self-explanatory name, this ice bar features ice sculptures, nearly frozen glasses, and glass bottles. It is without doubt one of the wackiest and smartest bars in town. Of course, you should keep yourself warm to be comfortable inside.

Mauna Loa

One of the quirkiest cocktail bars in the capital city, famous for its smoking “volcano” drinks. Decorated with water tanks and sugar canes, it offers a cheerful Hawaiian ambience.


Humans and animals live well together in this bar. Excellent for pet lovers.


Located inside a garage of one of the villas on the Arturo Soria street, it’s an ideal bar for rockers.


Hidden behind a secret bathroom door of the NH Collection Sweden hotel, this underground bar features velvet furniture, leopard leather rugs, and a bar that once belonged to a Parisian church.

Yúgó, Sushi y Kobe

The bar has the design of a Japanese World War II bunker and serves sake, beer, and other first-class beverages.


This unusual place is actually a furniture store, at least during the day. But at night, it turns into a bar where patrons can enjoy a good drink with stylish furniture and African-style decorations.

A de Arzabal

It is currently a sushi restaurant with one of the most diverse bars in town. It offers its members a sense of exclusivity and some superb cuisine.

El Jardín Secreto de Salvador Bachiller

Hidden in the very heart of Madrid, this “secret garden” is located on the fourth floor of a Salvador Bachiller store. Designed as a tea lounge, it is surrounded by all sorts of decorative plants and vines.

All these places are easy to reach, especially if you use a Segway, which will rid you of the hassle of parking in the area and will be much faster for short distances. So head over to these bars in Madrid on your Segway and make sure to buy your El Gordo lottery ticket.