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Café Manuela: a piece of history in the Malasaña neighborhood

Although Madrid is a city in which a fairly urban life is styled, there are small cracks in the city where we can enjoy the calm life of years ago.

This is the case of Café Manuela, located in the popular Malasaña neighborhood. It is a place opened in 1979, which maintains the essence of 20th century literary cafes in which conversation and debate always accompanied the afternoon snack.

Cultural activities

One of the points that stand out in this cafeteria is the program full of cultural activities of all kinds. Thus, in this cafe there are constantly book presentations, poetry workshops or artistic exhibitions, becoming much more than a simple cafeteria. And if you like any of the paintings that are displayed on its walls, you will have the possibility to take them home, since they are for sale to give painters of different styles the opportunity to have a place to display their work.

Table games

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Are you a lover of board games? Then Café Manuela is going to become one of your favorite places to spend the afternoon. And it is that in the premises they have more than 30 different games available to their clients, who will be able to play a game of such mythical titles as Cluedo, Scattergories or classics such as Parcheesi. You will only have to ask for them and you will have them available to spend the afternoon.

In addition, the environment in which those afternoons of snacks and games are spent is quite calm, so that if you have spent the whole day on a Segway route and are somewhat tired, it can be an ideal plan for the afternoon. You can also bring your own board game to play with your friends on the premises.

Smoothies, juices or tapas

Of course, Café Manuela is not only a place to play or enjoy art, but above all it is a cafeteria. While you enjoy a quiet atmosphere you can have some of their juices or smoothies, or resort to a cocktail if you go a little closer to night. In addition, it also has some tapas in case the snack lasts a little longer and turns into dinner or if instead of in the afternoon you stop by during the night. It is open until 2:30 in the morning, so it is perfect for any time.


At Café Manuela they open every day of the week, every day they open at 4:00 p.m. (except on Mondays that open at 6:00 p.m.) and close at 2:00 a.m. (except on Fridays and Saturdays that close one more hour late, that is to say at 3:00).


In addition to everything we have mentioned above, Café Manuela has air conditioning for its customers. Pets are also allowed on the premises. You can also hold a private event in this bar, you can celebrate your birthday or surprise a friend. All the events that have taken place so far have been a success.

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