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Madrid from the heights

madrid centro

Madrid is a perfect place to get lost. A place to feel.

The city offers various pleasures that help you see Madrid from above, with a different point of view. A very good way to do it is to follow one of our Segway tours.

The Spanish capital does not allow you the slightest blink of an eye.

madrid centro

But another one of those delights is observing Madrid from the top, near the sky. Next, on Segway Trip we recommend the best places to glimpse the village from where you have never seen it before.


faro de moncloa

The first stop is the so-called Faro de Moncloa. This building serves as a guide, since 1992, to those who enter the capital from the north. Feeling the experience of climbing this building is an essential fact for anyone visiting Madrid.

You will be able to see, from the first moment, the pleasant sensations thanks to its glass lifts, which manage to take you to the top of 90 meters in 50 seconds. In the great viewpoint you can scan the landscape. The Almudena Cathedral, the Royal Palace or the Telefónica Building with the Guadarrama peaks in the background. An indelible mark of a Madrid from above.


Very close to the Moncloa Lighthouse we have the Madrid Cable Car. You will fly over the city from Paseo Rosales and up to Casa de Campo. During the almost 2.5 kilometers of route you will be able to peruse those landscapes that inspired geniuses like Velázquez or Antonio López.

From their cabins, we will see the old Príncipe Pío railway station and we will pass over the hermitages of San Antonio de la Florida. We will also see the Egyptian temple of Debod, the Church of San Francisco El Grande or the Royal Palace.

The end of the journey takes us to the Plaza de los Pasos Perdidos, in the heart of Casa de Campo, the considered lung of the city. This experience also helps us to see a beautiful landscape and its native vegetation.


circulo de bellas artes madrid

Another must-see is the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. It is the best place in the entire city to glimpse the urban landscape of Madrid. The building, at the top of which is a sculpture of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and art, is the cultural heart of the capital.

Go up to the terrace and you will be able to glimpse this magnificent city in a panoramic way. From north to south you can see Madrid in all its splendor. A perfect time to bring beauty and culture together in a single visit.



Another ideal place to continue being fascinated by the views of Madrid is the terrace of the Palacio de Cibeles. A charming place from which you reach a privileged position to see the Paseo de Recoletos, La Castellana, Gran Vía and the statue of Cibeles, a meeting place for fans of the best team in the world, when they celebrate their victories.

Once again, you will see that there is no sky like Madrid!