Are you in Madrid? You´re welcome! The city has a lot to enjoy!. Tell us where are you staying. Depending on the neighbourhood, you can choose your route. We make you some proposals, with three benchmarks: El Retiro, La Latina and Madrid de los Austrias.

These are three routes you can visit by walking, so it is necessary to have good shoes. Or you can also choose the segway service in Madrid, which allows you to visit all these places more comfortable and with much more fun.

· IF YOU STAYING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF RETIRO PARKTell me where are you staying... en Madrid

If you have chosen accommodation near the “Parque del Retiro”, you should know that you are surrounded by elegant neighborhoods that you can walk through.

The Salamanca area is the most elegant of the city. It´s ideal for buying in the stores of the great designers, take a brunch at trendy restaurants or being near the largest park in the city, the Parque del Retiro. This park is gorgeous. You can navigate their lake and lose yourself among its wooded paths with ancient trees, while you look at sculptures, monuments and nature. You can walk along the promenade of the Spanish kings statues and visit the delicate Palacio de Cristal, where it´s usual to see contemporary art exhibitions.

Dime dónde te alojas... en Madrid

Museo del Prado

From El Retiro you can go to the Puerta de Alcalá and watch its different carvings, in each of its faces. If you continue along Alcalá st. you´ll soon find the famous Cibeles statue. By turning to the left, along the Paseo del Prado, you will find the essential museums: the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofía Museum, the latter, in front of the main gate of the Atocha train station.


If you stay in the old district of Los Austrias, you should know that you are in the historical district.

You will be amazed by places like the Prince of Angola Garden and the pretty Plaza de la Villa, with the old town hall and the oldest civil construction in Madrid, the Lujanes House and Tower.

A good decision is to see sunset from the the Royal Palace gardens, after having visited the Almudena Cathedral. And, to farewell the day, you can go through the Plaza de Oriente towards Gran Via, and make a visit to the Royal Theatre.

Dime dónde te alojas en Madrid

Bocadillo de calamares

Returning to the city center, you can not miss the Plaza Mayor and admire the Casa de la Panaderia facade. It is one of the most characteristic areas and is very typical to eat a squid sandwich (bocadillo de calamares) at one of the many bars located at the different square entrances.

Dime dónde te alojas... en Madrid

Jamón ibérico, quesos y vinos españoles

A plan more ‘gourmet’ is offered by the San Miguel Market, an old market which has now been remodeled to provide selected dishes of the Spanish cuisine. Now, with a full stomach, you can continue towards La Latina.


The colorful Mercado de la Cebada will draw your attention any day of the week. If it’s Sunday, a forced site to see are the thousands of stalls of El Rastro, Madrid’s best-known street market, where you can find antiques new things.

The vintage style makes interesting proposals here for lovers of this trend.

The medieval layout of the streets of Madrid de los Austrias, continues here along the Cava Baja and Cava Alta streets, full of bars and restaurants where you can taste tapas and pinchos.

The Plaza de la Paja, once the residence of noble families, preserves the front of the Vargas palace, of Renaissance origin, and built by Francisco de Vargas and Medina, one of the Catholic Monarchs adviser.

Here we have given you only a few hints of the many things you can´t miss in your Madrid neighborhood. But keep in mind that Madrid must be enjoyed step by step, and there are things to discover as soon as you go out to the street, in bars, museums, plazas, restaurants … So, open your eyes, ears and appetite!!

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