Segway Tour and Escape Game

Ride on a segway and escape!

Two leading businesses in the teambuilding sector have joined together to offer you this original combination. A fun segway tour to the symbolic places in Madrid before we go to reveal the mystery of Don Quixote. A puzzle that you should solve with your team in order to escape and pass the test.



Go through the city on a fun tour. Riding the electric segway by your side is a guide who will accompany you, telling you all of the stories about Madrid that you didn´t know. You will greatly enjoy this form of movement around the city, as it is environmentally-friendly and addictive. The segway moves with the balance of the body; it is completely intuitive and very fun. You will geta round the streets of Madrid easily, feeling like you could arrive anywhere.


Did you know that Don Quixote brought out a chapter of his book that was lost?

This is it, chapter 43 of the Quijote de la Mancha, which had previously disappeared. And you should all find it, solving the enigma as you join those who have lived through this passionate experience.

You can come as a pair, with a group of friends, or with family. There is nothing more fun than playing as if you were returning to your childhood. Forget the routine for a day and enjoy this experience!