Segway rental in Madrid / Buy Segway

The segway has become more and more profitable as it is useful and versatile. It is because of this that every day more professionals and businesses want to rent segways in Madrid, or buy a new segway at the best price, so that they can complete their activities and businesses events in comfort.

The price of a segway is accessible for businesses. We also sell second-hand segways if people or businesses need to reduce their costs.

  • Security agents
  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Tourist routes for companies or agencies
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Sector
  • Television and cinema
  • Vineyards and large farms
  • Promotion of brands and the launch of new products

And for anything else that you can think of. We don´t put limits on imaginaton and the segway does not have any limits as a tireless and faithful companion, appropriate for all types of terrain and activity. Rent or buy your own segway and begin to take advantage now!