Amazing! That’s all that can be said about this project of the Madrid Transport Consortium, called Ventex20.

Now the young transport for all areas of Madrid will only cost 20 euros. If you are under 26 years old.

From the zone A to the zone E2. Absolutely all. And without changing cards because when you make a refill or a consult with your current card in the subway machines, your card will be updated automatically. With it you can travel throughout the Metro, buses and suburban trains of Madrid.

And if you do not have a card yet, you can order one in PUBLIC TRANSPORT CARD. Isn´t really great?

And how have we known this? Well, because Segway Trip has been part of the project launch! Offering 10 double Segway Fun Tours for the contest ended in September 17th, resulting


  • Carlos Gil Nieto
  • Alejandro Gilabert Ramírez
  • Marta Martín-Peñasco
  • Clara Moreno Bermejo
  • Paula Sevillano Moreno
  • Noelia Arribas Rey
  • Rosa Ana Artigas Bueno
  • Laura de Miguel Pérez
  • Sara Domínguez Laso
  • Julián Durán Martínez

Segway Trip tours departed on 25th September from our shop in Plaza San Miguel 2. The first group left at 12:00 and the 2nd at 19:00 pm. Both enjoying a fun segway route through Madrid highlights.

Segway Trip

Yesterday we received a friendly letter from the Transport, Housing and Infrastructure Minister of the Community of Madrid, thanking us for our participation in the program, which seeks to promote public transport among young people in Madrid.

Here we show an extract from the letter sent by Pedro Rollán Ojeda from the Ministry.

    “As I mentioned last time, young people up to 26 years old, are able to travel with their Youth Pass throughout the Community of Madrid with a flat rate of 20 euros, and we are pleased to say that there are more than young people who have renewed this new title at least once.

We want to recognize again your company on behalf of all young people in the Community of Madrid and on my own, for your participation in the initiative Ventex20 and thank you for the fantastic segway routes you have offered us through the center of Madrid,. You know that they have a very great acceptance among our young … “

Thanks to the Community of Madrid for this initiative so necessary to promote public transport!